Kentucky Fabric Finds

Found some beautiful fabric today at a quilt shop in Lexington, Kentucky — Sew A Lot.  I plan to use it to make a stole for a young friend of mine who is seminary student.  Green is a traditional color for this time in the church calendar — but this green is not at all traditional!

2 thoughts on “Kentucky Fabric Finds

  1. This is great fabric, and I particularly like that non-traditional aspect of it. I’m sure anyone who had a stole made out of this fabric would be a stellar minister and be known as a great preacher in sartorial splendor. P.S. as quilter’s go, you’re a stitch! 🙂

  2. Can I say again how honored and humbled I am that you’re making this for me? I’m excited to see the final product. Thank you Sandy. And thank you Kent for the kind words.

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