On Keeping It in Perspective

On this day of manhunts in Boston, explosions in Texas, snowstorms in the Midwest, and  personal dilemmas among my friends, I have been thinking about “Keeping It in Perspective.”

My Facebook News Feed is full of people minimizing their own challenges and problems as being trivial in comparison with the big events of the past few days.  That sounds healthy, but I think it overlooks the genuine tension we all experience between the reality of our personal distress and the reality of the “big picture.”  Our problems may be small in comparison to world events, but they are real problems all the same, and they call upon our gifts, energies, and persistence.

Sure, some small local events seem to consume way more time and attention than they deserve; so do some large national/global events. Somehow we need to stay attentive and respectful of both our own situation and the world situation.  To love our neighbors and ourselves — not instead of ourselves.


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